Our Services

Web Design & Development

Whether creating a start-up from scratch or re-branding a company that has been around for years, the development and design of your website is by far one of the most important parts of the process. Not only is it the first impression most people get of your business, it is also a critical element in any online advertising you do in the future. Site functionality and overall user experience are key determining factors in how your potential customers find and interact with your business online. Now more than ever it is essential to optimize your website for Search Engines and Mobile Users.

The days of your potential customers finding you in the phone book are long gone. Now everyone just “Googles it” or looks it up on Bing, Yahoo, YP.com or any of the other popular search engines. It is very important your site is optimized to take advantage of search engine algorithms. After all, what is the point of having a great website that no one ever sees? Not only will we optimize your website, our graphic designers and web developers will take the time necessary to learn as much about your business model and potential clientele as possible, assuring your website represents your business with the highest quality design and a user experience your present and future customers will appreciate interacting with. Schedule your current website audit and a free consultation today!

Creative Services

Our creative team consists of creative minds, both young and old, male and female from all walks of life with one thing in common…. an overwhelming desire to capture audience interest, influence their emotional responses and inspire them to take action!  Our creative director, copywriters, editors, graphic designers, artists, and web developers all work together with this common goal in mind. It is no secret they are the “bread and butter” of what we do. Creativity is their passion and it shows in each project they complete.

Get Social

Social Media has moved beyond personal chat and is now a significant and powerful environment for business and sales. Let’s face it…YOUR existing and future clients/customers are utilizing social media daily and that makes these venues a very powerful place to interact with your ideal customer base. Your prospects are better informed, which allows them to control the buying process much more than in the past. Businesses have the opportunity to use the social web to listen to customers and prospects and also to pro-actively make contact and find new ways to add value in building relationships prior to a conversation. Staying active on multiple social platforms can be mentally draining and very time consuming but let’s face it, a stagnant business online is a stagnant business offline as well. When it comes to social, Consistency is key! Schedule a consultation today and let our team outline a strategy that fits your short and long term marketing goals.

Reputation Management

In business, if you make someone happy they will tell one friend, make them mad and they will tell ten friends. It’s the concept of “word of mouth” on steroids! Now people are able to tell a million people about their experience with the click of a button. It is more important than ever to take measures to make sure you are amplifying the good reviews and taking damage control measures for the bad reviews. Our experienced team will work vigilantly to make sure each and every complaint is met with understanding and a helping hand. Time and time again we are able to influence someone to reverse their bad review and continue their business relationship for years to come.

Traditional Advertising

Though the world has gone digital, there is still an opportunity to reach your prospective customers through traditional forms of advertising. In fact, these are age tested and can be a great part of a well-balanced marketing/advertising portfolio. We develop media plans, negotiate media contracts, leverage value-added opportunities, place and direct all media including print, outdoor, radio, television, magazines, direct mail and more.

Ad Placement

In this digital era, there is no shortage of places to reach your ideal target market. It is important to make sure you are reaching the RIGHT AUDIENCE in the RIGHT PLACES! Our team of experts has years of experience with digital strategy and ad placement. Using tested practices, they will not only place your creatives in the best places for your audience, they will continue to alter their strategy based on market feedback, KPI performance, ROI and many other key factors. Our success will depend 100% on your success and this means we will not simply implore a “set it and forget it” based strategy, we will monitor results daily and shift focus where needed.

Business Systems

Finding new customers is difficult, but keeping them happy can be much more challenging. From the moment they become a customer there processes you will need to implement to keep them happy and loyal.
Loyalty and reward programs are a great way to show appreciation to loyal customers for continuing to do business with you. Not only is it the right thing to do, but small gestures such as these will go a long way with future business. Our team can help your customer service department create the right reward and loyalty programs for your specific business, as well as help your sales team create the proper CRM system to track sales leads, automate the follow-up process and close more deals.

Detailed Tracking

We hold ourselves accountable with detailed tracking reports. From the first impression to conversion and each touch point in between, we track all aspects of each campaign we run. This helps our marketing managers alter their strategies regularly in response to real-time feedback. It also keeps our clients educated in all aspects of their advertising campaigns.

Agency Partnering

Own an Advertising Agency or Marketing Firm? Let our team of experts take care of all the work that goes into successful marketing and advertising campaigns while you focus on growing your clientele. Our “Partnering Services” allows you to provide all the expert services we offer to your clients. Basically, we will do the work and let you take all the credit. Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit by partnering with us.

Our Workflow…

When partnering with a business there are many steps that need to be taken to make sure we are on the same page.  We will need to take the time to thoroughly understand the fundamentals of your business model, the past and current strategies, your short and long term marketing goals and much more. Upon partnering with NewCast Media you will be assigned a project coordinator who will strategize with our Developers, Creative Team, Copywriters and Marketing Managers to design the best possible plan of action to reach your business goals.

What you need to provide…

We like to invite our clients to have as much or as little influence in our marketing strategy as they feel comfortable with. Some clients like to work hand in hand with our team, providing as many resources along the way as possible, others like to focus on other aspects of their business while briefly reviewing their detailed progress reports each month. We like our clients to be as involved in the process as they feel comfortable with.


We will track your progress every step of the way and alter our strategy where needed to maximize results. Our success as a company truly lives or dies with the success of our advertising campaigns.  This important fact keeps us working hard day in and day out for our clients.

What others say about us…

“NewCast Media Group has been helping me grow my business for the last 6 years! My consultant took the time to really get to know my business and put together a marketing approach that was targeted towards my ideal customer base. They were also able to track my progress and change the focus of our campaign when we felt a venue was not meeting our expectations. They have taken the time to earn my trust and I am confident they are helping me grow my business in the best possible light!”

Scott VanWagenenAttorney at Law

“​I have worked with NewCast Media now for quite some time. As a Marketing Consultant, I look at and evaluate a number of business opportunities for my clients. I have used NewCast Media’s Medical Programming venues for several of my clients now, with good results. I would highly recommend NewCast Media to any business to consider using as a viable media outlet. I would further recommend NewCast as a great advertising and marketing partner. They will definitely add value to your appearance!” 

Celeste RapollaPresident & CEO at Miranda Marketing Labs

“NewCast Media has talented sales and account managers. They excel in media and marketing, especially in Hyper-Targeting. We’ve teamed up with NewCast Media on several projects and proposals. He is a pleasure to work with, and extremely great at communication. I hope to continue to work with NewCast on existing and future projects.”

Ryan JonesonDigital Marketing Strategist

“NewCast Media has knowledge and passion for helping clients succeed is just one of his finest qualities! Hypertargeting is the future,  NewCast Media gets it! I would recommend that you tap into the power of hyper-focused marketing and will turn your campaign into a success!”

Travis HuffCEO at Real-Time Outsource